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Structure Shapes Behaviour.

How the w#*k things get done.

About You

Does your workplace act more like an Oligarchy, Monarchy… Anarchy? Probably not. Well, maybe a little. It definitely has Hierarchy. Lots of it too. Hierarchies are everywhere, all the time. Natural systems of order. Inescapable in fact. Design them well or they take shape organically. As a managerial system, we have never adequately used this tool. More like misused, or even abused. Until now.


You and your colleagues are probably only partially effective at work. At least that’s what thousands of you (from companies of all shapes and sizes) have told us. Kind of like getting a full time salary for part-time outputs. Not for lack of ambition or effort. Just a whole lot of work to do before you can get your actual work done. We know you are smiling awkwardly right now.


Why the Y, you might ask? It’s because Structure Shapes Behaviour™. The basic reason for how the work things get done, or not. ARCHYTECT is all about organization design. A 60-year timeframe of managerial, psychological, behavioural, sociological and systems theory have been combined, tested and proven in practice with this unique approach.


Nearly all of those mentioned before believe they can accomplish more: bigger, better and faster results. That’s despite the internal barriers you already navigate to get things done. Your motivations are unwavering. We all strive to feel accomplished. Complexity gets in the way. Maybe a bit of absurdity too. It's as simple as that.

What We Do

What We Do



Objectives, alignments and adaptations. Together we predetermine the ideal business configurations that inform your Strategy, Structure and Staff demands. Analyze your unique operating conditions and build custom models that guide function, form and design principles.



Reveal the behavioural norms, causes and effects of your current workplace environment. Expose hidden barriers and limitations to performance. Generate workplace insights and design data. Map target behaviours against the desired outcomes you want to achieve.




Identify and predict the inherent V.U.C.A. associated with your operating plans. Assess the distribution of effort, capacity and cost. Determine target completion times of tasks and job classifications. Anticipate future workload and capability requirements.



Taller or flatter really does matter. Org charts are not org design. Your Blueprints are the framework for all individual and team accomplishments. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal relationships. Your structure either defines or confines how results are achieved.




Level the work to level-up performance. Know your capability, competency and collaboration demands. Match the jobs, teams and measures across functions. Make sure all decisions, process and work flows are effortless, with timeliness and purpose.


Client Results


Record-setting YoY industry growth and 2x staff engagement


Growth with 23% G&A reduction during a $1B transformation


Post-divestiture restructuring and business integration


Growth in less than 4 quarters and $122M USD exit at 3x multiple


Division restructuring and turnaround to reverse YoY declines


POS category realignment, structure and cost optimization

How We Do It

How We Do It


Your Archyology. Diagnose barriers to growth with actionable, data-driven analytics and workplace insights. Reveal informal networks and practices that limit effectiveness. Translate strategy into structural and behavioural requirements.


Your Archytecture. Predict your future state Blueprints, operating models and prototypes. Assess organizational readiness and risk. Design jobs, capability and succession maps that match talent with growth demands.


Your Archytypes. Stage the stage for implementation and change adoption. Engineer new workflows and processes. Install new ways of working and rules of engagement for optimal cross-functional interactions and repeatable results.


We do our best work with Startups, Scale-ups and large Enterprises undergoing transition, coaching Senior Leadership and Management Teams on organizational effectiveness tools and practices.

"We gained a clear understanding of how the formal and informal structures impacted accountability, behaviours and limitations to growth."

"An essential part our corporate transformation. To fully integrate Sales through Supply Chain during a cost reduction, without disrupting growth is meritable."

“I can't speak highly enough about this and it was eye-opening to say the least. We literally rebuilt our org structure around the ARCHYTECT approach.”



Locations: Toronto and Waterloo

Growth Coach and Scale-up Advisor:

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